How To Quickly Clean Your Sneakers

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  Are you having troubles with keeping your sneakers sparkling clean?  How often have you been in a situation where you are brand new sneakers look as if they are ancient?  Well, you can be assured that you are not the only one battling this battle.  Especially the wide parts on the sneakers are notorious for getting stained with dirt, but I promise you that these tips will solve all your sneakers-related problems.


  1. Plain Old Soap

Now this might sound a little bit old school, but you can get off those stains by plane of scrubbing and rubbing your sneakers with soap.  Also, if you have a stain remover are stashed up in your house, it would be wise that you use some.  If you are concerned of not being able to wear your sneakers for a while until they are dry, I have another tip for you – simply don’t get your sneakers wet all the way, and just clean the parts which are dirty, and quickly dry them with a towel, a cloth or toilet paper.


  1. Toothpaste Works Magic

Who would have guessed it?  I know!  But toothpaste works magic on dirty sneakers.  It will most definitely remove all the stains coming from dirt, especially on the parts where the rubber is.  Again, you don’t have to soak your shoes entirely in order to clean them.  You can just clean the dirty bits.  Here’s another tip, use the toothpaste which is entirely white.  If you use those fancy toothpastes with green and blue parts in it, they will kind of mess up your sneakers by leaving unattractive stains.  You have been warned!


  1. Alcohol

When I have a problem with stains I usually reach for my bottle of alcohol. (God forgive me, this sounds wrong you so many ways!) But it is true!  Apart from being a good way to disinfect something, or anything, using alcohol you can get rid of stains on your sneakers.  Get a small piece of cotton and the damp it in alcohol, 70% alcohol should get rid of any unknowing stains on your sneakers.  However, this might require a little bit of patience as you rub those stains.  Moreover, this is a useful method to clean the parts of your sneakers where the rubber is, but it won’t clean the textile parts of the sneaker.


  1. Toilet Paper – Wait, What?

Before I knew about this trick, whenever I washed my white Converse sneakers they would end up looking horrible, tarnished by horrific yellow stains.  At first, I saw that somehow I didn’t wash them properly or something, so I would wash them again and again with just as equally bad results.  Then I found out about toilet paper!  The moment you wash your white sneakers, wrap them with toilet paper.  This will allow them to try gradually and they won’t get nasty yellow stains.

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