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Finding a job? Here are simple tips on how to boost your interview skills

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One on one interview is a very common process to know more about a person. That is why interviews are utilized by most companies to know the background of certain aspirants as well as to check on their purpose in applying and their qualifications. It may just take a couple of minutes to an hour to finish an interview. However, you need to give in your best shot to be hired for your desired job position. Remember that it is not only you who wants to be hired. There may be lots of qualified job seekers who are also applying for the said position.


Creating a first impression that will leave an impact into the minds of the interviewers is a very good score. That is why you should create a fair strategy on how to ace those applicants who are much qualified for the said position. Physically, you have to look clean and fresh. Wear your best business attire for you to look well groomed and professional. Remember that your initial goal is to create a good impression from the interviewer. Though considering this tip, you should stay humble and simple for them to like you. Establish good manners and non verbal communications to create a light and easy aura inside the room. Be polite and friendly, but it doesn’t mean that you have the right to take the interview at ease. Use professional words, not too slang and not too deep because both of you might end up not understanding each other.

To further enhance your interview skills, here are some tips to be applied to your upcoming job interview in addition to the tips for public speaking anxiety.

Do not be too overconfident –Be modest and professional in a humble way. Interviewers do not like future colleagues that are proud. Sit properly and be quiet. Speaking too much is somehow improper. Just wait for the interviewer to ask you and give you enough time to answer.

Listen carefully –Interviewers love to have a simple yet spontaneous conversation. You should listen carefully and pay attention to what was being asked to avoid any misunderstandings. It is fine to ask questions but not to the extent that the interviewer need to repeat the question all over again for you to catch up.

Be confident – Even though you learned that there are more qualified applicants for the position, you have to stay confident and be yourself. It takes a matter of attitude for them to like you. Wear the best attitude and answer questions the best way possible.

boost interview skills

Even if you are looking for a job, it is very important for you not to look desperate. Just do your best and wait for them to check if you will pass. Never ask for mercy neither look pitiful hoping that they will be merciful enough to hire you because you look so desperate. No, it is a big no. You have to play the game fair and square. There is nothing that you can be afraid of, most especially if you know that you are qualified for the position. Just do your best, apply the tips mentioned and stay humble and confident. Visit direct speech to enhance your communication and presentation skills.

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